Virtual Personal Training Services

Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset…

Delve into the realm of physical activity that brings you joy and fuels your vitality.

Personal Training designed specifically for...

Those with mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and body dysmorphia.

Those with a history of trauma and/or disordered eating.

Navigating the realm of fitness and exercise can be challenging for anyone, but for those facing mental health challenges, it can be even more complex. That's why having a specialized personal trainer who understands the unique needs and considerations of individuals with mental health concerns can make all the difference. Discover the power of weight-inclusive personal training, where we prioritize your overall well-being and celebrate the diversity of all bodies. My approach goes beyond weight-centric goals and focuses on fostering a positive relationship with movement, promoting body acceptance, and enhancing your overall fitness.  You'll experience a judgment-free environment that respects your body's capabilities and individual needs.

Get ready to redefine fitness on your terms!

Here's How The Program Works

Coach Jess will help you determine and break down your fitness goals and then design a comprehensive program that will help you achieve them. Each and every training program starts with an assessment of your cardiovascular strength and muscular endurance to establish a baseline from which we can build. I will work with you hand in hand through any and all physical and/or mental challenges that you may have in order to have you feeling both strong and confident in your body. Virtual Personal Training will also help you lay the foundation for obtaining sustainable exercise habits that you can utilize for years to come. Workouts are fun and creative so you never get bored!

What's Included:

  • Customized program utilizing 45 minute sessions designed to help you accomplish your unique goals

  • Several package options structured according to session number to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle

  • Individual attention and high level of accountability

  • At-home workouts designed specifically for you

  • Access to valuable resources, worksheets, and handouts on fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and stress management.

Through Jess’s expert direction and encouragement, I have strengthened my entire body and significantly improved mobility, especially in my shoulders. Also, with a stronger core, I very seldom have even mild back pain. All of this has taken place without injury due to Jess’s careful observing and listening and workouts that are tailored for me.

Kathy N

I trained with Jess for years and she was fantastic! She is so positive and motivating. She developed customized sessions that worked for me as a beginner and adjusted as I got fitter. I looked forward to our sessions after a long day of work because it was something healthy just for me.

Cindy H