It’s time to take back control over your health. It all starts with …

Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset.

Discover movement you enjoy, eat foods you love, and challenge negative thinking patterns so that diets become a thing of the past.

The Revolutionize YOU program is for you if…

you have been struggling with your weight for too long, are completely fed up with diets that don't work, and are uncomfortable or in pain when performing simple daily tasks.

The good news is that it’s not too late to do something about it. With a shift from dieting to weight management, you no longer need to be discouraged about failed weight loss attempts. Through accountability, a customized plan, and unconditional support you can gain confidence and feel comfortable in your body again.

The Revolutionize YOU Program is a combination of health coaching and 1:1 virtual personal training.

It is by far my most popular option due to the individualized support you receive in all areas of health including nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management. Together, we'll build a solid foundation of healthy habits, allowing you to achieve and maintain your desired health outcomes without resorting to restrictive measures. You will create new habits one, impactful step at a time in a way that is sustainable and doesn't make you feel overwhelmed or deprived.

Did you know that within the next four (4) short months you could be on the path to healing your relationship with food and exercise so you can finally ditch the chronic diets and feel in control of your own health again? Let's embark on this transformative journey towards a life of freedom, self-acceptance, and radiant health!

I have been working with Jess for about 8 months now and have lost over 65 lbs! I did begin my weight loss journey on my own, but one of the reasons I wanted a health coach was because I found myself constantly overthinking all of my food choices. Our coaching sessions have been really helpful in shifting my mindset and I have learned that successful weight loss is about so much more than just what I eat. I am now able to make a food choice, be happy with it and move on. I love how our personal training sessions are geared towards my personal goals. Jess is passionate, positive, encouraging and motivating. She modifies exercises to meet your current ability and also adjusts as you become stronger. She will call you out for cheating! 

Kim L

What’s Included With The Program?

Together we will address each and every aspect of your health to help you effectively achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Individual and family options are available.


Virtual Coaching Sessions

The Revolutionize YOU Program is structured around four (4) 45-minute Virtual Coaching Sessions. (One per month)


Virtual Personal Training Sessions

The Revolutionize YOU Program package is structured around thirty-two (32) 45 minute Virtual Personal Training Sessions. (2 per week)

Revolutionize YOU also included unlimited email support between sessions in order to give you the ability to talk through any challenges that you’re facing and celebrate the wins you are proud of. You will never feel alone with 1:1 support with both personal training and health coaching sessions.

You will also have access to an abundance of resources including worksheets and valuable handouts on fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and stress management. This also includes healthy recipes that you and your family will love.