It’s time to make a change. It’s time to live a healthier life.

Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset.

It all begins with changing your habits one impactful step at a time so you can finally feel in control of your health.

The Revolution Health Habit Transformation program is for you if ...

you’re sick and tired of the ups and downs with your weight. You’re also completely frustrated with yourself and feeling beaten down by the current state of your health.

That being said, you still believe that you can achieve your weight loss goals and gain confidence in your body again with the proper levels of accountability and support.

Did you know that within the next four (4) short months you could actually be back on the path to fully healing your relationships with food and exercise in the most positive way possible?

Here's How The Program Works

Revolution Health will help you both learn and fully understand the psychology behind weight loss. You will develop new and sustainable habits that you can use now and well into the future. In addition, Coach Jess will help you work through the physical and mental challenges that are associated with losing weight and keeping it off for good. You will finally feel both strong and confident in your body and realize that you’re the one in the driver's seat when it comes to your health.

Revolution Health also supplies you with a great deal of resources including worksheets, and valuable handouts on fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and stress management. We will even provide you with some healthy recipes that will help you stay on track with food-related choices.

The Habit Transformation program involves an innovative five (5) -step process where we lay the foundation for you and your loved ones to finally get the results that you need.  We begin with understanding a detailed vision of exactly what you want for your health. We take a holistic approach addressing nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management. You will leave the program with a custom maintenance plan so you never need to fear the dreaded ups and downs with your weight again.

What’s Included With The Program

The Revolution Health Habit Transformation program packages are structured around eight (8) 50-minute Virtual Coaching Sessions (two per month.) This provides us with the opportunity to fully discover each and every aspect of your health, and help you effectively achieve all of your weight loss goals. Both individual and family options are available.

Coach Jess also holds you accountable with weekly goal-setting email check-ins. Unlimited email support between sessions is also available in order to give you the ability to talk through any challenges that you’re facing and celebrate your wins along the way. Proper support is key to weight loss success so you will always feel like you have someone in your corner to talk to.


I have learned so much about myself and my eating habits while working with Jess these past several months. I have felt very overwhelmed in the past while working on dietary and exercise changes, but she has really helped me set realistic goals. I have learned strategies for navigating social events, how to utilize healthy swaps, and easy meal prep ideas, all of which have given me more control over my food choices. Even when I am not proud of my week, Jess always encourages me to find something positive and a way to move forward without getting so down on myself. Whether weekly coaching calls or quick check-ins, I love the accountably Jess has given me to work on these changes.

Vana O