Are You Drinking Enough?

You have probably heard that the human body is nearly 60% water, but do you know why it’s important to be drinking enough water?

Research has shown that water helps to flush toxins out of our organs, keeps our skin healthy, and helps carry nutrients to our cells. Without enough water, we easily become dehydrated, which causes to headaches, irritation, and even fainting. Our muscles also require water to stay energized and function properly. Without enough they will fatigue easily. Another plus, water also helps keep our hair shiny!

Water plays a role in weight loss because it can help you feel full. Drinking water before each meal is one of my favorite strategies for portion control.

So the big question is how much should you be drinking?

You may have heard of the “8 glasses a day” rule. That is not wrong, but a glass comes in lots of shapes and sizes. Instead, we want to use a more precise measurement such as liters or ounces.

Each person has different needs depending on medical issues, the altitude you at which you live at, and activity levels so it can be hard to give a general recommendation.

Most research suggests women should aim for 2.2 liters per day or about 75 oz, and men should target 3 liters of water per day or 100 oz.

Children and teens needs vary quite a bit as well. Your doctor should be able to advise you on the amount of water your child needs.

Hopefully reading about water inspired you to go fill up your glass or bottle! The one con to drinking more? Well, yes, extra trips to the bathroom. But hey, more steps right!?